CARNATION RUST (Uromyces carya phyllinus)

Carnation Rust is a disease that can destroy carnation plants and flowers.

Considerable loss is often sustained by the activities of the carnation rust fungus.

Though not a native of the UK carnation rust appears to have got a strong hold, having been introduced on imported plants.

It is recognised by the presence of brown blisters or pustules.

The mycelium entering the plant tissues spreads and, breaking through, gives rise to the small brown spots on both sides of the leaves.

As the leaves of the carnation plant die the spots ripen and countless spores are released, which only await suitable conditions to give rise to fresh outbreaks of carnation rust.


During the winter and early spring when the Carnation plants are dormant they should be sprayed with a dilute Bordeaux mixture or a pale rose-tinted solution of permanganate of potash.

This spraying should be done at intervals and the foliage otherwise kept as dry as possible.

lf growing carnations fom cuttings these should always be taken from healthy plants.

Never take cuttings from Carnations affected by carnation rust.


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